Spicy herring fish marinated in herbs and wine, served with sour cream and gingerbread (260g) 16,49 zł
Herring in nuts with honey-mustard sauce

(300g) 16,49 zł

Potato dumplings with minced beef meat (with marjoram, salt and pepper)

(260g) 22,99 zł

Plate of different kind of organic cheese- made in Korycin, according to traditional, old polish recipe

(300g) 27,99 zł

Lviv minced beef – raw minced beef with raw egg yolk and sardines

(210g) 28,99 zł

Plate of meat - pork roast, pork neck, pate, roast beef, bacon roulade

(500g) 34,99 zł(600g) 44,99 zł