Main Courses

Main Courses

Fried Pork Chops (prepared from pork joint) and served
the traditional way with roasted potatoes and raw
(600g) 24,99 zł
Chicken breast prepared in (sous-vide way 65 ‘) served
with vegetables like green beans, cauliflower, carrot
(480g) 23,99 zł
Baked leg of pork with red cabbage, apple horseradish,
raisins and mustard
                                                      (450-500g) 29,49zł
Pork goulash hutsul way served on a grated potato pancake (400g) 29,49 zł
Pork sirloin served with wild mushrooms (220g) 25,99 zł
Veal escalope with roasted potatoes beacon and a twist of lemon
(380g) 30,49 zł
Pork escalope with roasted potatoes beacon and a twist of lemon (380g) 41,99 zł
Hungarian goulash with sausage put on a grated potato pancake
from city Sátoraljaújhely ( Magyarország)
(500g) 30,49
Beef cheeks-from specially selected beef with endemic variety cherries from Lviv (190g) 35,99 zł
Viennese goulash according to the recipe of Robert Makłowicz served with frankfurter,

fried egg and czech dumplings

(350g) 34,99 zł
Kugiel przedborski- grated potatoes baked with the meat, onion and served with a slice of pork- regional dish
(500g) 29,49
Sirloin roulade (beef, chicken and ham) served with buckwheat and its own sauce
(300g) 35,99 zł
Skewers of pork sriloin with bacon, zucchini, onion, pepper and mushroom

served with roasted potatoes, mustard and raw vegetables (for 2 people)

(300g) 52,99 zł